Steelhead Schlappen White & Cerise LARGE

This white and cerise jig is made by blending purple schlappen with cerise hackle. This is a favorite pattern for both summer and winter steelhead.

All of our schlappen and hackle jigs are made with palmered feathers creating unique and robust looking jigs. In the water the feathers have a nice full look, moving with the slightest current.

It all comes down to the hook and that's why this jig is tied on the heavy gauge 1/0 Matzuo Sickle or Owner Heavy-duty 2x jig hook.  When you tie this jig on your line, feel confident that you're using some of the finest quality hand-crafted jigs available.

The large jig is slightly less then 1/4 oz in weight.

Steelhead Schlappen White & Cerise LARGE
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