Steelhead Bead Shrimp Tail - SMALL

This steelhead Bead Shrimp Tail Jig is made entirely with schlappen and hackle feathers. We start off with a long sporty shrimp hackle tail and a sprinkling of matching Krystal Flash. We then palmer shrimp & hot pink hackle together with white schlappen.

In the water the long shrimp hackle tail undulates with every movement of the current creating a jig that appears alive with a three dimensional look. Brilliant red salmon beads finish off this beautiful looking jig.

It all comes down to the hook and that's why this jig is tied on the heavy gauge Matzuo size 1 Sickle 60° jig hook. When you tie this jig on your line, feel confident that you're using some of the finest quality hand-crafted jigs available.

This is one of our best producing jigs for winter steelhead.






Steelhead Bead Shrimp Tail - SMALL
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