Salmon Shrimp Tail

Our salmon marabou jigs are quite possibly the strongest jigs you'll ever use. Extensively field tested for years in the tributaries of the legendary Tillamook Bay, these jigs have proven themselves against some of the largest King salmon in the world which can tip the scales at over 50-pounds.

We take a minimum of four large marabou feathers and palmer them one at a time onto a stout 3/0 or 5/0 Owner Saltwater, needle-point jig hook. A touch of matching Krystal Flash is added for a finishing touch.

These baseball size jigs are made specifically for King salmon but can also be used for large steelhead, Coho and Chum salmon too. Tie one of these jigs on your line and fish with confidence knowing you have one of the toughest jigs available on the market today.

Now available with Owner 5/0 needle point saltwater hooks. These 5/0 hooks are by far the strongest jig hooks we’ve ever offered the public. Rig up your rod with 40-pound test and feel confident that you’ll land the biggest King salmon of your life using our salmon marabou jigs.

Available in size large only. This is similar in weight to a 1/4-oz jig.

This Salmon Shrimp Tail jig has been one of our favorite patterns for over 15 years.  We start off with a long sporty shrimp hackle tail with matching Krystal flash.  We then palmer in pink & shrimp schlappen.  Finally we palmer in white marabou over the schlappen to create a full body jig. 

Limited quantities available.

Salmon Shrimp Tail
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