Macro Hackle - White

Our white macro hackle jig is tied using beautiful hackle feathers that are palmered onto a Mustad or Daiichi 2x hook.

Instead of lead for the jig head, we use environmentally friendly solid brass beads. The finest hackle feathers are then selected and palmered onto the hook shank creating a very enticing yet subtle offering. Once in the water, the palmered feathers come to life giving the jig a full look that is different from anything else out there.

These jigs are perfect for low, clear water conditions where a small presentation is the key for getting steelhead to take your offering.

If you're an angler who likes to use long rods and light line to land the fish they’re pursuing these jigs will be a perfect match for a successful day on the river.

Our Macro jigs are tied on a #6 jig hook and weigh approximately 1/64 oz.

This jig pattern is being removed from our store inventory. 

Macro Hackle - White
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