Deluxe Steelhead Jig & Float Package

This steelhead jig & float package contains everything you need to effectively fish for steelhead using a sliding float setup. This package contains the following items:

*Ten (10) premium steelhead jigs.

*One (1) package of two West Coast Floats.

*One package of (2) inline weights.

*One package of (6) bobber stops with beads. 

Use the following jig, in-line weight and float combinations for a balanced float.

Small Jig + 1/4 oz in-line weight + 3/8 oz West Coast Float

Medium Jig + 3/8 oz in-line weight + 1/2 oz West Coast Float

If you would like to custom pick your jigs, please use the comments box when placing your order.  

Deluxe Steelhead Jig & Float Package
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