Deluxe Salmon Jig & Float Package

This Deluxe Salmon Jig & Float Package contains everything you need to effectively fish for King Salmon using a sliding float set-up.

The Deluxe Salmon Float Package contains the following items:

-Five (5) salmon marabou jigs tied on an Owner 3/0 or 5/0 saltwater hook
-One package of (2) 1 oz West Coast Floats
-Two 1 oz inline weights
-Ten (10) bobber stops and plastic beads.

Load up your reel with 25-pound test line and feel confident that you're going to land some of the biggest King salmon that swim  in our rivers.  These jigs are some of the finest quality available today.  

Now available with Owner 5/0 needle point saltwater hooks. These 5/0 hooks are by far the strongest jig hooks we’ve ever offered the public. Rig up your rod with 40-pound test and feel confident that you’ll land the biggest King salmon of your life using our salmon marabou jigs.

Deluxe Salmon Jig & Float Package
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